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2012.09 Notice on Business Acquisition of DeoShower, an ozoniser

Permelec Electrode Ltd. hereby notifies that a business transfer agreement, the content of which is that Permelec Electrode Ltd. acquires the ozoniser business evolved by Ebara Jitsugyo, the brands of which are DeoShower and Ozone Oral Irrigator, is today entered into by and between Permelec Electrode Ltd. (Address: 2023-15, Endo, Fujisawashi, Kanagawa Prefecture, President: Daigoro Senoo, (hereinafter referred to as the Company)) and Ebara Jitsugyo Co., Ltd. (Address: 14-1, Ginza 7-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Hisashi Suzuki, hereinafter referred to as Ebara Jitsugyo).

The Company has carried out an important role in the production of a
number of industrial products essential for modern society, such as sodium hydroxide, and the development of raw materials industry using its own capability of development with its electrolytic technology as its core, with the motto, “Making A Global Clean Environment by Electrochemistry”. The Company will step forward towards further development of the functional water business beginning with ozone water having the safe and comfortable functions of washing, removing smells and activation of animal and plants using high technologies and knowhow as the pioneer of green companies in the above field in accordance with the new and medium- and long- term vision of the Company, which is a member of DeNora Group.

The Company has been a licenser of electrodes and membrane electrode assemblies (spiral module which enables a compact high density ozoniser) which are component elements of DeoShower up to date. However, the Company will be able to provide its customers with comprehensive and flexible service in future due to its new acquisition of the brand of DeoShower itself which had been fostered with care by Ebara Jitsugyo.
The Company intends to strive for realization of the new vision of the Company, accelerating the mega trend of global Green Sanitation and Green Medical/Health Care.

? Please make inquiries of consultation before purchase, purchase, support, repair and exchange of “DeoShowers” and “Ozone Oral Irrigators” to Kashiwazaki US Tech Co., Ltd. Tel: 0257-24-5111.
(Kashiwazaki US Tech Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer, a licensee of various patents pertaining to these products of the Company and is also a selling agency of “DeoShowers” and “Ozone Oral Irrigators”.)

The Company shall be grateful if all of you would continue to use “DeoShowers” and “Ozone Oral Irrigators”, the Company’s products, in the future.

Date 1st September, 2012
Permelec Electrode Ltd.
CEO Daigoro Senoo