Electrolysis Ozone Water Generator



・ Operates on an ozone water
  generation principle using a super
  pure water electrolysis method that is
  cleaner than the discharge method
・ Supports a flow of more than
  100mg/L ozone water and more than
  80 L/min ozone water

・ The ozone water density and amount of flow can be adjusted according to customer's needs.
・ This is recommended for use as a high density/large flow batch type washer, high density/small
  flow sheet-fed type washer and low density/large flow continuous shower type.
・ Compact design to save space
・ High regurgitation pressure actualized with the high pressure ozone generator and booster pump
・ High-speed startup (3 minutes) from start up


  • Silicon wafer production field:
    Epi pre-washing, ion injection pre-washing, washing after flatting, pure water sterilization
  • Semiconductor production field:
    Wash incoming wafer, wash before film generation, resisto crud removal, resisto removal, pure water line sterilization, washing after CMP
  • LCD production field:
    Wash incoming glass substrate, wash before film generation, pure water line sterilization

Electrolysis ozone water generation process

fig: Electrolysis ozone water generation process

Standard model data

Model Name Ozone
Amount of
ozone water
(WxDxH mm)
capacity (kVA)
CO2 gas feed
POW-2010-S 20 10 900x1,000x1,900 650 11.9(3φAC200V) add/no
POW-6005-S-C 60 5 900x1,000x1,900 700 12(3φAC200V) add
POW-10005-SP-C 100 5 1,300x1,300x1,900 1,200 17.1(3φAC200V) add


1. Power (confirm voltage and frequency)
2. Pure water (super pure water at more than 17MΩ/cm) Water temperature is lower than 25
   degree. Content hydrogen peroxide density is less than 50ppb)
3. Cooling water (23 degree ±3 degree)
4. Control air (0.5-0.7MPa)
5. Heat exhaust duct
6. Drain line (gravity flow or pump discharge.)


1. Ozone water booster unit
2. Agent injection unit
3. CO2 gas feed unit
4. Water saving system

Type symbol

a. Electrolysis ozone water generator (POW)
b. Ozone density
   Example: 10mg/L to 10, 20mg/L to 20, 60mg/L to 60
c. Ozone water flow amount
   Example: 10L/ 10, 20L/ 20, 5L/min. to 05
d. Grade of semiconductor production unit (S)
e. No symbol→Standard, P to Booster pump is embedded