Overview of the CSR and Compliance Committee Activities

De Nora Permelec Ltd values activities concerning business ethics and CSR in addition to compliance. They are not special or different from everyday work. We try to naturally incorporate these activities into daily operations by performing them routinely and creating a PDCA cycle. Here are some of the samples.

  • (1)Setting up the permanent CSR and Compliance Committee
  • We have formed the CSR and Compliance Committee consisting of members selected from both the management staff and general staff with a board member as the chairperson to strongly promote CSR activities and ensure compliance. Although we already had a Compliance Committee before, by adding CSR as an extended agenda, we now have a system that tackles a wide variety of issues including human rights, labor, and environment in an integrated fashion.

  • (2)Promoting the CSR and compliance system
  • We work with external professionals such as our company attorneys to operate and improve the CSR and compliance system. We also provide educational activities such as guidance, research, and employee training regarding CSR and compliance. We hold the CSR and Compliance Committee regularly as well.

  • (3) Creating rules and manuals
  • Company rules regarding CSR and compliance have been developed and are in effect.

  • (4)Whistle-blowing system
  • We offer company consultation services inside and outside the company to receive inquiries, requests for consultation, and whistle-blowing reports regarding CSR and compliance from insiders such as employees. In our whistle-blowing system, a whistle-blower can be a board member or an employee of our company (including loaned employees, contract employees, and temporary staff) as well as a board member or an employee of our business partners (including past ones). However, our whistle-blowing system is not fully ready to receive reports from outside such as our business partners and we have not successfully raised awareness of its existence yet. As a result, the system is not fully utilized now. We are hurrying to enable receiving anonymous reports, document the rules for receiving reports, and improve the procedures for receiving reports.

  • (5)Providing employees with training and educational activities
  • We provide training and education periodically and continuously so that the ideas of CSR and compliance are widely accepted among our employees and they gain a stronger sense of ethics.

  • (6)CSR and compliance in group businesses
  • We have established a CSR and compliance system similar to ours in the group businesses that we own by holding the majority of voting rights so that we can work together to promote CSR and compliance.