On Opening the CSR Page

Thank you for visiting this page.
As we are approaching the 50th anniversary of our company, we retrofitted this page and changed its title from "Environment and Society" to "CSR". The new title expresses the present conclusion of our discussions on CSR. Volunteers who renovated this page had to ask ourselves the fundamental questions. What is the difference between CSR and Environment and Society? What is CSR by the way? Why do we need CSR?

For instance, we may feel proud that our country is ruled by laws or we are good corporate citizens but those situations only apply to a particular moment in time and we do not know what happens in a year or ten years. If we do not make consistent efforts to remain in the state we want to be in, we may soon deteriorate and fool ourselves saying things like "This country is doing fine because we are a law-abiding country." or "We are all right because we are not a scandal-hit sweatshop." It is that difficult to maintain the state we are in. The definition of democracy and reign of law is probably the continuation of efforts and trials and errors, and the process itself. Continuation is the key. We want to continue being aware of CSR.

We were established in 1969 in order to supply visionary insoluble electrodes, an international game changer in the industry. The time was the middle of the late high-growth era in Japan. As the history of our company indicates, we evolved with the enforcement of various pollution control laws as the driving force. Those laws were created partly because of panic for mercury poisoning triggered by Minamata disease. We are proud to say that we were born with CSR in mind. We think the origin of CSR in Japan is actually pollution problems. However, it is sad to boast only the fact that we were born with CSR in mind. As we mentioned above, only the companies that continue being conscious of CSR are worthy of calling themselves being committed to CSR. The contents of CSR change as the time and society change. The scope of CSR changed from pollution to human rights, labor, and environment over the years. We must ask ourselves: are we failing to meet the expectations of the world because we are overly proud that we were born with CSR in mind? Are we just a company that is not antisocial? What we want is, in a way, to be one of molecules that achieve a state of dynamic equilibrium on the social level. And we want to share this view within the company. That is the main reason for retrofitting this page.
So what is CSR? Actually, we do not know for sure. There is a Japanese proverb which means the good you do for others is good you do yourself. We think the word "CSR" can replace the word "good" in this proverb. That's our interpretation of CSR. CSR is probably something that makes stakeholders and others happy, and it also makes all of us in our group better and happy through responding to requests from the society.

As we mentioned above, the main purpose of the change is making a promise to ourselves and sharing the same perception among all the employees in the group. It is also a commitment to the society and the local community to ensure self-discipline by making a public statement and not ending in self-talk. This is an oath in public for the people who visit this page. Well, an oath may be too strong a word. We just wanted to tell what we naturally do every day. But we also want to tackle new challenges that we have not before in this occasion. We are going to establish a company structure for promoting CSR and systematically implement a PDCA cycle to prevent weakening our philosophy and periodically check and evaluate the concrete steps of our business activities from the standpoint of our philosophy.

Our motto is to contribute to creating the clean global environment through electrochemistry. Imagine the motto is a flag. Our flag is attached to a pole which signifies the state-of-the-art electrodes and electrolytic techniques, and the flag proudly flies high in the air, buoyed by CSR. With this image in mind, we want to help more people shine as individuals and contribute to diverse, sustainable development of the local community.

( *photograph at the top of this page;  our emergency water reservoir.   Every year by the time the leaves turn in autumn they go out into the world with a strong self-confidence that have been nurtured and sprouted within them.
    photograph at the bottom of this page; brine electrolysis plant in Alabama/Massachusetts The world’s first practical application of DSA® electrode )