Introducing our environmental business

The growing sophistication of industry has resulted in the use of a wide variety of chemicals, which have worsened the contamination of wastewater by pollutants that are hard to treat using existing techniques, such as water-soluble organic solvents, weather-resistant water-based paint, water-soluble oils, and surfactants, as well as carcinogens and endocrine disruptors that are harmful to human health.
The increasing stringency of environmental standards due to higher-than-ever demand for safety and security, exemplified by 1,4-dioxane (added to the environmental standards for protecting human health in 2009) and nonylphenol (added to the environmental standards for conserving aquatic life in 2012), is accompanied by demand for more sophisticated techniques. A key issue in deodorizing and decolorizing wastewater and tap water will be improving the efficiency of oxidative decomposition of organic material that causes odors and discoloration.

Developing technologies with the aim of coexisting with the environment will be essential to the further sophistication of industry. Our environmental water treatment department is actively engaging with this issue, working night and day using our own original technologies to develop solutions.

The following is a lineup of our devices relating to the keyword "environment":

- Discharge ozone gas devices (CEZONE)    AOP# (including systems)
- New Fenton    Electrolytic Fenton-type treatment method
- CECHLO series    Dilute brine/seawater electrolysis, removing microbe from
                          cooling water
- CECHLO 2-room/3-room devices    Decomposing salt in industrial wastewater

       #: Advanced Oxidation Process

As you can see, we have a lineup of optimal oxidation technologies and products for a variety of needs.

Armed with these technologies and product lines, we are working hard to help solve the challenges faced by society.