Coexisting with Colleagues (Employees)

The mental and physical well-being of colleagues and healthy work environment are the cornerstones of a continued steady supply of high-quality products. For this reason, we try to maintain and improve the mental and physical health of our colleagues and create a workplace environment that is safe, upbeat, and easy to work in. We also believe that building up the skills of individual workers leads to upskilling of the company, which makes us stay being a good partner for stakeholders. So, we encourage our employees to improve their skills.

1. Occupational health and safety activities

1) Conducting fire drills and disaster drills
We regularly hold fire drills and disaster drills at each works to be able to surely and quickly save the lives of colleagues and prevent damages from spreading to the surrounding environment in case of a fire or a disaster.
In addition, the Fujisawa Works continuously participates in the Fire-Fighting Skills Competition of the Fujisawa City Fire Prevention Association held every October (the Indoor Hydrant category of the Fire-Fighting Skills Competition of the Factory Fire Prevention Liaison Council) to maintain and improve the fire-fighting skills.

2) Holding the Health and Safety Committee and the Health and Safety Promotion Conference
We collect dangerous experiences at work places (tense and sobering experiences) and opinions that might help improve health and safety, such as working condition improvement suggestions, from all employees. All employees share the collected opinions and improvement plans and implement them to improve health and safety at work places.

3) Holding life-saving workshops
We regularly provide workshops for basic life-saving certification taught by visiting lecturers for all employees who wish to attend to learn and maintain first aid skills and cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills so that they can help one another in emergency.
Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are installed at both the Fujisawa and Okayama Works so we can respond to emergencies of employees and people in need near both Works.
Note: The Fujisawa Works is a designated Fujisawa City First Aid Safety Station.

4) Conducting traffic patrols
The Okayama Works performs safe-driving patrols several times a year thinking that our routine driving sometimes causes traffic accidents. During the patrols, we check for speeding, seat belt neglect, driving while doing something else, and stop sign neglect to promote awareness for safe driving.
Every year, several groups participate in the 200-day challenge for no accidents and offenses sponsored by the Okayama Prefecture (a group of ten people tries to stay accident-free and offense-free for 200 days) and try to drive safely.

5) Installing earthquake early warning receivers
The Okayama Works is equipped with earthquake early warning receivers to know occurrences of earthquakes surely and quickly and to take appropriate measures such as evacuation as soon as possible.

2. Activities for maintaining and improving mental and physical health

1) Conducting stress check tests
We have been performing regular stress check tests even before they were made obligatory (by enforcement of the Revised Industrial Safety and Health Act). We have the corporate culture, environment, and activities to prevent the emergence of stress at an early stage. Our industrial physicians provide mental health care (counseling) for employees under great stress if they require such assistance.

2) Taking preventive measures against influenza infection
We encourage all our employees to receive vaccination before influenza starts to spread.
Rubbing alcohol is provided at certain places such as entrance in both the Fujisawa and Okayama Works to prevent influenza infection.

3) Taking measures against heatstroke
We install spot coolers and fans during summertime to prevent heatstroke. We also perform appropriate management and take necessary measures based on the notice of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (heat index or WBGT values), supply beverages such as isotonic drinks and salt tablets at production sites, and recommend or instruct to receive adequate fluid replacement and salt supplementation.

4) Setting no-overtime days
We set a no-overtime day every week to prevent excessive overtime work.

5) Activities in staff canteens
At the staff canteen in the Fujisawa Works, employees can choose healthy meals with reduced calories and salt.
The staff canteen in the Okayama Works displays the relationship between the amount of rice and its calories and the relationship between the amount of miso soup and its salt content in an easy-to-understand manner to caution against excessive intake of calories and salt.

6) Donating blood
The Okayama Works holds a blood drive twice a year in a bloodmobile at its premises as a contribution to society with the help from the Okayama Red Cross Blood Donation Center. Two blood drives, held before and after our annual physical examination, also serve as health checkups (blood tests) for colleagues.

Mobile blood bank
Blood Donation

3. Activities for promoting better relationships among colleagues

1) Social gatherings
Social gatherings are organized to promote bonding between employees outside work. The following events are held regularly.
- Cherry blossom viewing
- Beach seining (the families of employees can also participate)
- Summer festival (the families of employees can also participate)
- Combined company trip for the Fujisawa and Okayama Works
- Year-end party

Company outing

Summer party

Year-end party
Making Udon (Noodle)
Eating the self-made one


2) Clubs
Through the activities of the following clubs, employees enlarge their circle of friends and become better acquainted with colleagues they do not have the chance to work with in every day work regardless of age, title, sex, or nationality.
- At the Fujisawa Works: Fishing club, golf club, baseball club, five-a-side football club
- At the Okayama Works: Fishing club, golf club

Fishing club(1)
Fishing club(2)
Golf club
Baseball club

4. Activities for improving the skills of employees

We think that improving the skills of each individual employees leads to upskilling of the company. For this reason, we provide our employees with the following opportunities and courses.
In addition, members of each department actively attend academic conferences and seminars to improve their abilities and techniques that are specific to their jobs.
- Encouragement to take English lessons
- E-learning for intellectual property rights
- E-learning for compliance