Management of Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property, the starting point of De Nora

From the discovery of a powerful disinfectant to the design of large industrial plants, De Nora considers Intellectual Property (IP) a key element of its business strategy. De Nora has been continuously committed in developing innovative new technologies and products and in the protection of these results since 1923, when Oronzio De Nora, the founder, filed his first industrial patent for an electrolyzer.

The Global Intellectual Property Department

The Global Intellectual Property Department aims to secure, manage, and enforce the Company's intellectual property rights at a global level. The department is engaged in a variety of IP activities, from drafting and filing patent and trademark applications to the management and subsequent maintenance of the resulting portfolio, from preventive patentability searches to freedom to operate analysis, from economic valuations of patents and trademarks to complete due diligence projects, from drafting confidentiality agreements to providing legal support for all contracts directly or indirectly concerning intellectual property matters, from sharing technical information to managing know how and trade secrets. The department currently has IP offices in Italy and Japan.

Building a Global Patent Portfolio

The Global Intellectual Property Department supports the Company's business by developing its patent and trademark portfolio on a global scale. This ensures worldwide protection for innovations emerging from R&D as well as the promotion and recognition of the Group's products and services across the world.
De Nora currently owns more than 2500 patents worldwide and over 90 trademarks in more than 80 countries.
The global presence of IP rights ensures that De Nora keeps a strong position in the relevant markets and prevents other players from exploiting technologies and products without authorization. The Global Intellectual Property Department will continue to build, maintain and enforce De Nora's global portfolio.

Intellectual property training system

Periodic intellectual property trainings for the De Nora's employees are organized with the purpose of increasing the general level of awareness on how to legally treat confidential information (disclosed to or received from third parties), on the correct use of De Nora's trademarks, and on the most common forms of industrial property protection (patents, trademarks, trade secrets).

Respect for Intellectual Property

De Nora respects the intellectual property rights (IPRs) of others to the fullest. Weekly patent surveys containing all the latest patent publications divided by area of interest are issued in order to ensure the circulation of relevant scientific information as well as to timely alert other functions of De Nora on the presence of industrial property rights of third parties. Freedom to Operate projects are carried out when undertaking R&D on new products and technologies in order to ensure their clearance with respect to third parties' rights. In case relevant IPRs are identified, De Nora seeks licenses or other appropriate agreements from the rightful IPRs holders.

Reward System for Employee Inventions

De Nora motivates employees and fosters innovation with a reward system for new inventions. The program includes a monetary reward and different types of recognitions for the inventors. An internal Invention Management Committee comprising the CEO and the CTO, as well as professionals from R&D, HR, Marketing and Business Development and the Global Intellectual Property Department ensures that the system operates effectively across the whole group. De Nora will continuously review its program/measures and improve them whenever necessary to fully comply with respective laws and other standards at all time.