In September 2015, it was decided that we at De Nora Permelec# would change our listed trade names to the "De Nora" brand. We are now taking this opportunity to further strengthen our initiatives toward corporate social responsibility as members of the De Nora Group, and taking steps to contribute to the sustainable development of society.
While it goes without saying that compliance should be prioritized over profit, the increasing expectation on companies to fulfill their social responsibility means that to have a chance at sustainability ourselves, we must strengthen our initiatives for basic labor rights, business protocol, health and safety, and the environment. Recognizing this, we are working hard to update our relevant internal regulations, and disseminate them to all employees.
We must stress above all that these initiatives will not be achieved through our efforts alone; the cooperation of our business connections (suppliers) is essential. Our various business activities, particularly regarding procurement, play a central role in our work at CSR. With this in mind, we recently defined a "code of ethics for suppliers" as a set of standards for the entire De Nora Group. This code of ethics defines the bare minimum standards and guidelines for doing business with our Group, which we hope suppliers will respect and adhere to. We hereby ask all of our suppliers to comply with these standards. #: Includes these two companies: De Nora Permelec DSE Manufacturing, Ltd. (a 100% subsidiary), and De Nora Permelec Techno Service, Ltd.

Open door policy and fair business practices

We strive to open our doors to all suppliers, whether inside or outside the country, and promote fair and equitable business practices. Our basic policy is to select suppliers with the goal of coexistence and shared prosperity based on mutual trust, among whom those who promise to comply with our "code of ethics for suppliers" are evaluated based on fair criteria such as quality, technical capabilities, price, deadlines, and state of management. We then procure supplies in order starting from the suppliers with the highest comprehensive evaluation.

Request to comply with the law and corporate ethics

The following list shows the kinds of basic principles we abide by in our daily work. We ask for the cooperation of our suppliers, and request them not only to comply with the aforementioned "code of ethics for suppliers", but also to base their operations on similar principles, and to continue to uphold both the law and corporate ethics.

- Providing environmentally conscious products and services
We are doubling down on our efforts to develop businesses that play a part in building a hydrogen-based society, including wastewater treatment, electrowinning of precious metals, and manufacturing of products that contribute to the environment.

- Protecting intellectual property rights
We protect and use our intellectual property rights, while respecting the intellectual property of others.

- Protecting personal information
We collect personal information necessary for our work through appropriate methods, while clearly indicating their purpose of use. We ensure thorough management of personal information learned in the course of our work.

- Thorough information management
We do not disclose information learned in the course of work that has previously been unpublished, such as information on suppliers and their executives and employees. This rule applies whether we are currently working or retired.

- Internal education to promote fair and equitable business practices
To promote fair and equitable business practices, we educate and train our procurement officers as necessary, on rules and regulations such as the Antimonopoly Act, the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, and important laws such as the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors.

- Addressing antisocial forces
We maintain a firm stance against antisocial groups and individuals who pose a threat to social order and safety, and do not form ties with them.

- Gifts and after-hours entertainment
Executives and employees do not accept gifts or after-hours entertainment outside the bounds of conventional wisdom and common sense. The same rule applies to executives and employees offering gifts or after-hours entertainment to suppliers.

- Separating public and private life
We consciously differentiate between public and private life in our actions. As far as possible, we avoid private acts within work hours, and strictly prohibit the use not only of company property, but also of separate assets such as public funds and other received funds outside their purpose of use. We deal strictly with any violations of this rule.

- Honest communication
We are honest in our communications. We do not communicate in ways that are abusive to others, or harm their personal dignity.

- Respect for individuals
We respect the personality, individuality, and privacy of each of our colleagues. We do not disclose employees' personal information owned by the company without the consent of those concerned, in the absence of legal exceptions or justifiable necessity to our work.

- Prohibition of discrimination, such as on the basis of gender
We do not discriminate against staff based on gender, age, race, ideology, creed, religion, physical disability, place of birth, nationality, or similar criteria. The same applies to our hiring process. Violence, verbal abuse, sexual harassment, and similar actions are not tolerated in the workplace.