Coexisting with our business connections

  • Policy

    In September 2015, it was decided that we at De Nora Permelec# would change our listed trade names to the "De Nora" brand. We are now taking this opportunity to further


  • Management of Intellectual Property

    From the discovery of a powerful disinfectant to the design of large industrial plants, De Nora considers Intellectual Property (IP) a key element of its business strategy. De Nora has been


  • Trace Certification

    TRACE has successfully completed a TRACE certification due diligence review of De Nora Permelec Ltd. TRACE has issued De Nora Permelec Ltd a certificate signifying that the company


  • Supplier Code of Ethics

    This Supplier Code of Ethics (SCoE), together with the De Nora Code of Ethics, sets forth minimum workplace standards and business practices that De Nora (i.e. Industrie De Nora