Coexisting with the Local Area

1. Fujisawa Works

On-site science classes and factory visits

Company tour for fifth graders and vocational education for junior high school students

Since 2010, DeNora Permelec has been conducting company tours for fifth graders of local schools. During the tour, students can see the actual manufacturing sites after receiving an explanation on "What does Denora Permelec do ?"
Also, since 2011, vocational educations have been provided to eighth graders of local junior high schools.


Opening the grounds to the local inhabitants at cherry blossom time

Since 2009, we have been opening part of our premises to the local inhabitants in spring so that they can enjoy viewing the cherry blossoms. As a result, many people come and enjoy the cherry blossoms each year.


Permelec participating in events for children at summer holidays

Since 2012, we have been offering opportunities for a variety of experimentation, having our employees participate in local events for children, with the intention of attracting children’s attention towards science through electrochemistry and our technologies.


2. Okayama Works

Offering our building as a shelter for neighboring residents in case of tsunami

The Okayama Works is surrounded by vast rural areas which are 0.1 meters or less above sea level and it is within the area that is expected to be flooded if tsunami hits. The three-story building of the Okayama Works is made of reinforced concrete and we offer our building as a temporary shelter for residents in the surrounding area in case of emergency. Children and teachers from nearby day-care centers periodically visit us for disaster drills and check the location of evacuation sites on our premises.

Photos show children and teachers from a day-care center during a disaster drill on March 23, 2017.

Children and teachers during a disaster drill

Explaining the building to be used as a shelter

Disaster drill and early-stage firefighting training in case of fire

In the Okayama Works, there are offices and factories of three companies including our affiliated company. All three companies regularly conduct emergency response training together, such as disaster drills, rescuing the injured, and early-stage firefighting in case of fire.
The following photographs show the disaster drill and firefighting training conducted on March 22, 2017.

Rescuing the injured (1)

Rescuing the injured (2)

Early-stage firefighting training using fire extinguishers

Early-stage firefighting training using a hydrant